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“Great gear, great mics, great engineer!” 
Ken Nelson (Coldplay, Gomez, Paolo Nutini, Badly Drawn Boy, Feeder)


Dear Mark, 

I am really pleased with the way the session went and also your professionalism with this project.  I do hope to see you and work with you again in the very near future.
Del Palmer - Long time studio engineer for Kate Bush

*Mastering sample*.  Wondering what Rooksmere Mastering can do for your tracks? I'll happily master one of your tracks as an example.  Please get in touch to find out more and discuss your project

Premastering (mastering) is the process of preparing your finished mixes for both pressing and Digital distribution. 

My job is to bring your collection of music together to form a cohesive sound ready for all possible listening scenarios and playback systems.  Many processes may or may not be used in this process including both digital and analogue equipment. These may include equalisation, compression, stereo imaging, limiting and more.

Finally all sub codes (required for recognition by radio stations to ease the collection of royalties due) are added to before creating the master ready for duplication. Masters are supplied as the industry standard DDP file format and delivered as a digital file, rather than physical CD. This ensures an error free transfer from studio to pressing plant.

Please contact Mark for further information.