How can you write music?

To compose music, it is important to gather certain elements. Composing music requires respecting certain principles and a precise methodology. There are steps to follow in order to write music well. We invite you to read this article to discover the tips for composing music well.

Defining the title of your music

The first thing you need to do to compose beautiful music is to choose a title. This is because the title of your music will let you know what direction you are going to take in composing your music.
The choice of the title of the music is optional. You can choose a title that relates to your personal life or a title that relates to the facts of social life.

Determine the lexical field of the title

In order to come up with ideas to compose your song, you need to write down the lexical field of the title. To do this, you need to list the major points that relate to the title of the song. This method will allow you to come up with ideas and verses very easily.

Compose the verses and chorus of the song

To formulate the verses and chorus of your song, you need to proceed in a specific way. Indeed, you must think about answering the general question in the chorus of the song. You must then identify the issue you want to address in the song. The chorus takes care of giving a general answer.
To write the verses, you have to answer different questions. Each verse should address a focal point of your song. You should then list the questions at the beginning to help you find your way around.

Structuring my song

To have a beautiful song to hear, you need to structure your text. For example, you should arrange the verses and the chorus according to a given chronology. The structuring of your song should take into account the order of the ideas and the number of verses per verse.

Tune your song by my music notes

The final step in your exercise will be to put musical notes as well as chords to your song. You must then take into account the type of music, the rhythm as well as the musical style you wish to impose on your song.

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