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Fabian Holland is a contemporary singer, songwriter and guitarist based in London. Folk songs and tales from around Great Britain, as well as his upbringing in blues influence his music. His love of storytelling and his continuing emphasis upon musical improvisation delivered with a strong, assured vocal and guitar technique leaves his audiences wondering ‘why have we not heard of him before?’IMG 2085

Fabian grew up in an artistic household where performance and artistic expression was part of everyday life, listening to blues guys such as Sonny Boy Williamson and Muddy Waters. He started playing guitar at the age of seven, taught by his father who also played harmonica. Fabian later attended the ‘Academy of Contemporary Music’ in Guildford studying under the watchful guidance of the sadly missed guitar virtuoso Eric Roche.

After his studies he moved to the mountains of the Abruzzo Region, Italy where he spent four years developing his musical style, busking, gigging and composing.  He later returned to the UK to pursue his music career, he now lives on his narrow boat on London’s canal network.

Fabian will be heading into the studio this spring to record his first full-length album under the watchful eye of producer Mark Hutchinson (Blair Dunlop, Walsh & Pound, Spiers & Boden, Albion Christmas Band).Intended for release in the autumn, this album and artist is sure to make a splash in the folk world and beyond.


The Landlord’s Daughter (Fabian Holland)


I was reading a lot of old tales and short stories such as "The Wessex Tales" by Thomas Hardy and I guess the inspiration came from that. I wanted it to be an epic story with a haunting sound, and for the lyrics to draw you in deeper and deeper.

Like Father Like Son (Fabian Holland)
‘This is a song about me turning into my dad, and resenting that fact, as I've gotten older I've noticed that I dress, sound and even dance like my dad. But as the song goes on towards the end I come to realise that turning into my dad actually wouldn't be all that bad.’

Little Boy Jonny (Fabian Holland)
This was inspired by the young troops and Afghans who died in Afghanistan. Around 2009 there was a point were it seemed everyday there was someone dying from an IED and all I had in Italy was the radio so It was hard to get away from it so I wrote this song about it.

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